Monday, April 30, 2018

Refreshing your Spirit

My new journal cover.
I am working now in the Traveler's Journal format, a leather cover which can be filled with a variety of inserts - I have a visual journal, a calendar, and a dream journal. I can replace sections if I travel, and I usually make a new notebook with contact info, addresses and info about hotels or flights or things to do. It is just the right size to bring along, not too big, not too small. The pages take media well, watercolor and pencil don't bleed through too much.

I have had a family-intensive year, so not much fun travel planned. But I know I need an adventure to keep my spirit alive and happy. and even just the planning of the adventure really helps me.

Maybe a spa in Slovenia?
Maybe another week in NYC, just wandering around, looking at windows, trying interesting food?

Maybe just a long day at the Denver Botanical Garden to remind me how much Nature heals.

How do you refresh your spirit?

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