Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What is your life purpose?

I went to a Dream Workshop this last weekend.
I learned many things, but the prominent one was to focus on my life purpose.
Which I learned, is to live in joy.

"Be more literal with your dreams and more symbolic with your reality."
--Robert Moss

Friday, September 9, 2016

29 years 5 months 2 days of journals

Can you believe, this is my bookshelf full of journals?

The first entry date of the earliest journal I still have in my possession is 7 April 1987.  I was still in graduate school, I had a two year old at home, was ragged with exhaustion and overwork. The pages are filled with words, maybe a few doodles. It would be years before I started adding collage and mostly visual art to my journals.

Last night I went to a book reading by Robert Moss. He is a prolific writer about dream shamanism, the practice of re-entering your dreams to get insight and information from other realities. I love his work and have practiced this for about 6 years. I have sections of my journals devoted to recording any dreams I remember (and it is true that the more you work at remembering dreams, the more you do remember them.)

One thing he spoke about last night was the practice of bibliomancy -- when you choose a book that is meaningful to you, set an intention with a question or an idea you want insight into, and open the book to a random page, and read the first thing you see. What you are doing, in essence, is trusting the Universe to provide you magical insight. Here comes the profound part -- he said your personal journals are the most powerful choice for bibliomancy, that they are a database for your own magic, and can give the most profound and personal insight into your intentions.

Just yesterday, I was gazing over at this shelf full of journals, wondering why in the world I am so compelled to keep these logs. That for almost 30 years, I have been recording ideas, remembering dreams, making collage and saving photos and ephemera from my life, looking for some kind of insight. Frankly, it's been a huge time commitment, and I haven't seen the payback that much.


A whole new reason to be happy I "wasted" this time. So right now, this actual minute, I am going to set an intention, and open a random journal off my shelf, and consider the meaning offered. I promise, no edits. Let's see how this bibliomancy works with my own journals.

My question: When I return from my visit back East, should I look for a paying job over the holidays?

The answer: I hit upon a page dated 7 March 2007. It is a collage of some mail art I received in response to sending a catalog I had made from a Goddess Mail Art Call. I had lots of Russian participants in this mail art project. This page documented several images from a few of the artists, as well as a request for some mail art from me for a project documenting Yelabuga, a small Russian town. It shows the back and front of the card, and three images from other mail art responses.

So how would this mail art collage answer my question?

Hmmmm.  Make more art, don't seek outside employment?

Reconnect with the mail art community?

Work on documentation of art and mail art I already have in my possession rather than spread my energy outwardly?

I am not perfectly clear what is the Universe telling me with this answer. I guess I have to work with it more.

Let's try this once more, maybe that first one was the practice . . . . .
random page:
This is from 31 January 2003. I am longing for a sunny place, like the beach. (funny because we will be going to the beach on our trip back East, so a bit prophetic.) I also talk about the below-conscious way of communicating that elephants have and how that's a bit like sending vibrations across the miles. Is this journal entry sending me information across the years? and elephants? How does this relate to me working when we return from our trip?

If my journals are indeed sending me messages from the Universe, they are a bit mysterious to me right now. Maybe this work takes practice. . . .

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls."
--Pablo Picasso