Saturday, August 27, 2016

"Touch the world by being joyful in your work."

Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy (Sark) said that.
and it really sunk in for me.

I often wonder what I am doing, fiddling around with collage, painting birds, lettering funky letters, re-writing inspirational sayings, interesting graphics, stamps, maps, carved erasers.

Why do we do creative work? Because it gives joy.

I listened to Sark give an hour talk about creativity and finding one's writing voice, and the real crux of the message is that we find our joy in saying something true about ourselves. And we only have to say this to one person. We don't have to tell the whole world. That's too much pressure.

Permission -- permission to do our work simply because it is what we must do. It's not about making money (we might need to earn money in another way.)

An Unangan writer (Ilarion Merculieff) said something very profound in another podcast I was listening to: "that we have to unburden our hearts before we can think clearly." That when our emotions are clogged and repressed we can't be authentically ourselves. After we allow our emotions to be acknowledged, then our brains become clear.  He said if we would just take an hour a day to either laugh or cry or both, (yes, an hour) that if we did that for a whole month every day, you would clear the ego and what would be left would be our pure divine aspect which is true love and compassion.

Forgive yourself, and let your heart rule.

Letting our creative expression be an important part of our practice is so key.
Key to joy.
Key to magic.
Key to speaking our truth.

For me, I love to fiddle around in my journal, paint a bird, splash some paint, stamp an inked eraser, glue down a stamp, add some words.

What is it for you?


  1. This post was very timely for me. There has to be a balance in being creative and actual work to live by, that is unless you are lucky enough to live with your creative work. I have enjoyed reading your blog for a long time.

    1. Thanks, Jeannie! I highly recommend Liz Gilbert's book on creativity called Big Magic. I keep reading it and keep being inspired. Balance is everything to sustain a creative life!