Saturday, February 13, 2016

Midori scrap paper collage, part 2

I just spent two weeks in Tucson, dog and house sitting for my niece.  I love being in a new place with no distractions to hike, explore, contemplate, and work in my journal -- we hiked in Saguaro National Park, where the iconic saguaro cactuses fill the dry landscape.

I gathered some materials from the tourist office, from the gem and mineral show I attended, and from the park for journaling ephemera, and just messed around a bit.  Is there a theme?  Not really, sometimes it's all about playing around with no intention, some revelation might occur, or not.  This is an important aspect to creativity - to mess around with no goal.  Some of the collages I like, others not so much, and that's okay.  I might add more work to some of these, I might not.  It is good to let the control-oriented, rational mind take a back seat for a while.

Here are some of the results:


  1. I have fallen in love with your blog! I have cut out images from so many magazines, and they're all just sitting in cigar boxes waiting for me to place them. I am inspired by your art and would love to finally move forward. I have countless journals that are empty and need to be filled! Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. That's so cool, Dawn -- I just followed your blog and I hope you post some of your filled journal pages. I find that the act of gluing and pasting random images just gives me pleasure, even if the result is weird or ugly. It's sort of my guilty pleasure. . . . hope to see some of your pleasures!