Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Journal Letter

I recently organized my studio, and now my bookshelf full of journals . . . 

 . . . is right by my desk where I can see it.  Whenever I am stuck or bored or need a break, I can scoot over and choose a book to page through, and this morning, I happened upon a journal letter from 2008 that I made with a journaling friend, Laurel, then from Pacific Grove, California. I even got to fly out at one point and meet Laurel in person, which was a real treat. Laurel is a gifted artist, and her generosity in sharing her art was so cool and inspiring.

It was so fun knowing the pages I made would be enjoyed by another human holding the book in her hands, and not just shared on line.  and if I was stuck, knowing a person was awaiting my work also was a little kick in the pants to boost my creativity out of it's stupor. Connecting with another artist through mail and collage and art journaling is really a great way to start the year, if you are wanting to up your journaling commitment in 2016.

So here is the cover, and a some of the pages from our shared journal letter:

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  1. That was such fun!! And such a treat to spend time with you in person. Many blessings for the new year, my talented friend ♥