Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Leaving on a jet plane . . . .

In two days I am getting on a plane for a trip to New York - my rep shows my work at Surtex, a yearly trade show there, so I get to go and schmooooooze, and see lots of great art.
I've been so busy with work that I have not been journaling much.
I miss it.
I hope on the trip to take some time to work in my journal, on the plane, or during down time.
I have been painting and working on several book projects, so I will just let this hummingbird flutter around a bit here until we can get some journal pages going:

You are the deep innerness of all things, the last word that can be spoken.
To each of us you reveal yourselves differently: to the ship as coastline,
to the shore as ship.  --Rumi

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