Saturday, January 19, 2013


Yesterday, in our monthly journaling group, I tried to follow my own advice and start by just grabbing photos of whatever caught my eye. Strangely, all three images I found were of colorful, beautiful men. I didn't even notice until they were all attached to the page, and after I had colored them up even more than they were.
It brought to mind the idea of decorating the self, of making the body the canvas. I don't decorate myself much, but I think I am going to try to be a little more flamboyant in my clothes and accessories.

Why should we not celebrate our artistic vision by making our own bodies be a sign of who we are? I think this sends a message that we value individualism and self expression, that we value the Spirit that has breathed the creativity into us.
"In the language of the Tewa Indians, the three syllable term that is translated as "art" or "creativity" actually means "water-wind-breath."  This is a beautiful evocation of the creative process.  It's about catching the current, about breathing in and breathing out.  In-spiration is literally breathing in Spirit; exhalation is releasing it into the world."
--Robert Moss

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