Friday, October 19, 2012


Today we had our monthly journaling group.
I did a little demo (very little) of zentangles, and then we worked contemplatively for an hour. It actually was quite magical.
Something about all 7 of us working with the same energy and focus seemed to multiply the effect. We all really zoned out and just emptied our brains of everything but these little amazing doodles for the whole hour. When we shared at the end of the sessions, almost everyone said the same thing, "I zoned out and it felt like a meditation, and the hour flew by."
I will show you some of these little doodle details and you'll see what I mean about becoming lost in the dots and swirls and patterns. I probably will add some words on this page.
Perhaps this whole zen/empty thing will allow me to let my pages be a bit more spare, instead of so jumbled. and for sure, a less jumbled brain would be pretty awesome, too. In fact, a less jumbled everything would be a great organizational theme I could use in my life.
Thanks, Journal!

“As elephants remember India perfectly, as mind dissolves, as song begins, as the glass fills, wind rising, a roomful of conversation, a sanctuary of prostration, a bird lights on my hand in this day born of friends, an ocean covering everything, all roads opening, a person changing to kindness. . . ” --Rumi


  1. I love your blog and your creative posts - I'm also an avid art journaler - How to I follow you on my word press blog:

    I have the book 1000 journal pages and love it - will check your pages out... best, Kartika

  2. Hi Kartika! thanks for your comment, the best way to follow is to click on JOIN THIS SITE, on the righthand bar. You can use a google account to do that, then you'll get a feed of every entry. thanks for looking!