Wednesday, September 12, 2012


We all have heard that idea from Joseph Campbell that we are to follow our bliss.
What is your bliss?
and how do you find out what it is?
For me, it has involved a long road of trying lots of things:
some false starts, some "non-productive" projects which might have appeared to not have a point, but later had an obvious message or lesson, and some detours of service to loved ones and the compromise we all face when working in a family.
Often I need to remind myself each day what my bliss really is.
Once you've found it, following it should come easily. No?
For me, it seems an ongoing job to stay on the path, avoiding those distractions, that empty busy-ness, and that my mind takes me to despair about the world's problems that are way beyond my control.
But my bliss is always there in the end, gently encouraging me to follow it, to focus on it, to remember that adding my own joy to the world does way more than foundering in random hopelessness of the global struggles today.

How about you?
"Passion is the mother of all my magic." --Phillip Petit

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