Monday, September 10, 2012


Showing up -- I once had someone at one of my art shows ask me how in the world I came up with my ideas? I think they thought I just snapped my fingers, and had some original artwork.
The answer is that I come to the studio every day, and work.
Or play, depending on what my mood is.
and the secret is that those are both the same thing.

I think if anyone surrounded themselves with lush materials, put it all in an inspirational space, and spent 8 hours there every day, they also would come up with wonderful things. But first, you do have to put yourself there. I have cups of juicy markers, stacks of ink pads, piles and piles and piles (and more piles) of interesting papers, magazines, books, wrapping paper, postcards, ephermera, all ready to be cut up and torn up. I have lots of different kinds of glues and connecting material, including colored staples, tape, spray mount, and a sewing maching. and, for better or worse, I have a computer with this internet thing, where I can google art journaling, and come up with ten thousand ideas in a heartbeat.

The trick is, at some point, to stop LOOKING and start DOING. So, let's get on with it.
Happy Journaling!
"I don't read music. I don't write it. So I wander around on the guitar until something starts to present itself."     --James Taylor

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  1. Yes! Inspiration has find you ready, willing and able :)