Saturday, September 1, 2012


Now, right now, sitting in front of your computer, browsing the internet, looking at this and that, probably a bit distracted and maybe thinking about going to the fridge, or checking your e-mail, or wondering why you aren't sitting at your studio desk in front of your collage papers and journal, doing SOMETHING other than just mindlessly browsing. . . .
Breathe in deep.
and imagine the life your grand- or great-grandparents lived.  Imagine if they woke up one morning in your shoes, and learned of indoor plumbing, houses heated and cooled to whatever temperature was desired, a fridge full of food, some of it flown to them from across the planet. 
A car in the driveway to take them to the store if they needed milk.
A plastic and metal box with 10,000 movies in it, ready to be watched instantly.
Imagine them looking in your closet, and seeing your clothes and shoes and warm coats and workout gear.   Sneakers and sandals and footwear in exactly their right size.
Imagine them discovering the internet, a place where they could buy the exactly perfect boots they were seeking on ebay, read the current news from around the world, send a twitter message to be seen by 428 of their closest friends, look up the price of a plane ticket to NYC in a month, even though they didn't plan on going. 
Imagine them learning that any information, ANY INFORMATION they sought could be found with a little searching on Google. 
Imagine explaining to them that any music they wanted to hear, any art they were curious about seeing, any facade of any famous building could be seen right then.
What an amazing place this world is.  Humans have created magnificence and beauty, since blowing chalk dust around their hands in a cave 30,000 years ago, we have had this ability to feel wonder at the world around us.
Last night as a blue moon shone through the Colorado cloudy sky,  I was lucky enough to gather in a circle with about 40 other people, and light some candles and think about how blessed we are. 
In ways we seem to forget every day.
Such magic around us.
Such wonder.
"Realizing your heart’s desire doesn’t require striving, it requires surrender.”  --Lisa King

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