Wednesday, September 5, 2012

finding peace in frantic world

This can be hard. This "living life" stuff.
I sometimes feel like I learn the lessons over and over.
My 17 year old daughter sometimes tells me to take a deep breath and relax, that I am SO stressed.
and I take her advice.
There is so much in this life to distract us from our joy.
Today, my car battery died, I had to make decisions about our basement with the builder (we had a flood), I had a big art sale (WOOHOO) that needed credit card processing, I had prescriptions run out with no refills, and a soap order to get out.
This all seemed to happen at once.
I had my phone and computer going at the same time, trying to get all this done.
Then, stop.

I made a new batch of soap and it is curing on the table right next to me, the deep sweet smell of olive and coconut oils, shea butter, and lemony vervain is floating around my head, giving me a nice dose of aromatherapy.
I have had people ask me how I have time for art journaling, my answer is I don't have time NOT to work in my journal, that this work is what keeps me able to do all the other things on my to-do list which make me crazy and frantic.
That, and breathing.

Everyone sees the unseen in proportion to the clarity of his heart, and that depends upon how much he has polished it. Whoever has polished it more sees more - more unseen forms become manifest to him. --Rumi

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