Friday, April 13, 2012

Get moving.

I am teaching journaling today -- a makeup for some folks who missed the last journaling workshop I gave so it will be a mini-version.  And I sit here at my desk, totally in procrastination mode. . . trying to make myself at least go over my previous teaching notes.
I teach in an HOUR, yes, an hour.
From now.
SO instead of preparing, I wander over to Facebook like it's a crackpipe, while telling myself once again KEEP THAT BROWSER closed. . . .
and then onto Ze Frank's site, to see what he's up to, and LO and BEHOLD, he has started up his video show and the first episode is about procrastination and fear in the face of creating.
Thank You, Ze!
So I will share here a few of his ideas, then I will go prepare super quick for that workshop:
**being stuck between zero and one, afraid to start, let the heat of those past starts and stops be the fire under you that keeps you going.
**when the energy in your body tells you to go the the fridge and make a cheese sandwhich, that's the cheese monster talking and it will never be satisfied except with the cheese of accomplishment.
**you give the people you love chances even when they fail, extend that generosity to yourself.

and so much more -- watch this intro to his show - then go work in your journal.

"I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues."
--Duke Ellington

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