Tuesday, April 3, 2012

being an artist . . .

"As artists, we are free to abandon society’s directions for “correct” living. We are free to define ourselves. So when market forces threaten our image of who we are as artists (we can’t sell our novel, our poems are rejected repeatedly, our friends are forging ahead while we languish in rejection), we can abide by our culture’s estimation of our gifts, decide we are not worthy and suffer envy, or we can refocus the lens, redefine the terms. Define success for yourself. Recognize your talent, without placing it on a ladder of worst to best. You are where you are, and that’s OK. Visualize creativity as a river that flows to the sea, lifts to the sky in clouds, falls to earth in rain, and down to the sea again in rivers. An endless and nourishing cycle that we flow with- not a pile of rocks that gets handed out one by one until there is nothing left for those still standing in line. You are not in line for your chance at happiness- you are a part of the cycle of creative spirit, already immersed."     --Sara Stockden

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