Saturday, March 3, 2012


Ten ladies met at Jefferson Unitarian Church for a one day workshop in creative journaling.  I think most of them had never attempted visual journaling before, and the results were wonderful.  Six hours was just barely enough time for us to get our work done. We started by making our journals with torn watercolor paper into thirds. Then we did a hand binding with a simple pamphlet stitch, and added color.   After breaking for lunch, we added collage and finally some stamps, doodles, and words.

Everyone did such stunning work:
Measuring the binding cord.
starting to paint the pages.
More Paint
The papertowels used to dry the pages end up so beautiful we will save them for future use.
This is the amazing lunch Sandy made us.

WONDERFUL job ladies, it was a joy to work with you!

and two quotes from the day:
"Be very exhuberant with your papertoweling."
"Oh - thank you for pre-lettucing our pitas!"


  1. This is a fabulous idea, and looks like you all had so much fun!!! More people need to be introduced to the freedom of art journaling :) You don't come and do workshops in NY, do you? LOL :)


  2. Your blog inspires me :)
    Hugs from Mariann in Norway

  3. I would love to do something like this with my friends! Have you instructions somewhere on one of your blogs about how you made the journals from the watercolour paper?
    Did you take along all those pictures and bits of stuff they used for collage? It's wonderful what they produced in just one day and with no previous experience, Wow! Alison

  4. Allison -- go here: and then follow the sequence of how-to videos to make this journal. Teesha Moore is brilliant!