Thursday, February 23, 2012

Where inspiration comes from, day 2:

Yesterday I shared the photos and paintings of yellow beets and organic squash. Today, I take it further with mixing up the media a bit, using the paintings to generate some fodder for my next journal page:
After painting a beet, I love to scan and print my watercolors on various surfaces.  This is the inside of a Yogi Tea package - I have always loved the pattern on the cardboard in those boxes, way too nice to just toss!  Those two little dots are where the box was glued together,  which reminds me of the wabi sabi, the not-so-perfect, but more beautiful, nature of re-using found materials.....
Then my favorite thing to do is carve an eraser stamp in the theme of the day - beets are pretty easy to depict in strong lines and colors.  I first printed it in black ink, then I inked it with my trusty copic markers, nice variations on the colors in reds and oranges, I think!  And repeating something always a good idea.
So with my various paintings, scans, prints of paintings, and even a few bits and pieces from the Yogi Tea package, I spread out all my creations and begin to play with pattern and layout.  Tomorrow .... I will assemble the collage in my journal, no doubt adding more stamping, inks, colors, and lots of words. Come back tomorrow to see how it all turned out.

“Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.” --Mary Oliver


  1. dear arty em,your blog inspired me to restart my own blog late last night,and when it locked me out to set a new one up! by amazing coincidence, one of my first posts was a journal page with the mary oliver quote on!i doubt the blog is online yet but it is singingbirdartist from the chinese proverb "keep a green tree in your heart and maybe the singing bird will come",art is my singing bird...i only found your blog a week ago,so am joyfully catching up on your travels,thank you for being your inspiring self :)

  2. Yes I have always loved that Mary Oliver quote, so succinct. In fact just this week I made a 3 part round from it to sing with my choir as a warm up piece!
    I LOVE everything on your blog and will attempt to put a link to it from my blog. Kind regards, Alison