Sunday, November 20, 2011

Inspiration Connection

**Link Love** So here's a shout-out to all the kids in the digital photography class at JFK High School in Iselin, NJ. Your oh-so-nice teacher pointed to my blog as a source for inspiration, and I want to thank her and YOU for visiting with this little promise: if you submit a photo to me, I will put it in the next issue of Creativity Cafe Magazine. You can send a high res (300 dpi) image of your own, to me at Make sure you have your name as you would like it published and any info you want as a caption. I will post a note here when the magazine is out, early Spring. As payment for your submission, I can send you a copy for free, and hey - go ahead and add "published photographer" to your resume, although peeking at your work, I bet some of you already are! (If you would like an issue, do let me know your address, which won't be published.) Don't you love the internet?
"Never exclude anything - open your eyes for the unknown and uncommon and take your camera to collect these ideas. It may be worthwhile." --Petra Voegtle

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