Tuesday, August 23, 2011

mail art

Mail art is a great way to get bits and pieces for your journal.
I now and then send things in a community called Millande, and recently I got a juicy envelope from Australia from Mel Made.
(Mel - stop reading now if you don't want to spoil the surprise of your next mail treat.)
A lovely woman named Mel who lives on the opposite side of the world just happens to share many of my own quirky inclinations - collage, drumming, hikes in nature, free-spirited living, grown kids, love of stone circles, and making do-dads and what-nots and sending them off into the Universe.
That last one has resulted in us making collage art letters to each other, and it is so fun and relaxing just to fiddle with paper and pens and images and sometimes thread, and send it off in an envelope.
I am sharing my latest incantation of mail/Mel art here.
I started with a long banner, and just kept adding - I doubled it up in the scan so the image wouldn't be too out of proportion for your screens.
One side is parts from journal pages sewn to little envelopes with some letters enclosed.
The other side is a photo montage of some photos from recent hikes and visits to Colorado parks.
and a Hershey's wrapper, because every collage needs a chocolate reference.
SO, make some mail art, and use some the inspiration for your journals - super fun.

"Music, imaginative arts are all-mankind languages... The role of art and artist is to create, keep, defend and develop these all-mankind languages – each drop of created art saves the World!" --Yaroslaw Rozputnyak

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