Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Art journaling = Dreaming?

I am listening on-line to a complete college course from Berkeley called Psychology Of Dreams, and it is amazing.
As I worked on a journal page today, it dawned on me that this work actually is very much like dreaming -- we access our subconscious by creating right brain intuitive collages of pictures and colors and words.
The free-form connections we make by choosing images and colors that don't necessarily "make sense" is a way to mine those gems from the subconscious that are just too hard to get to using the rational brain way of thinking.
I have always found working in an art journal to be very theraputic, perhaps this is one reason why......
Art Journaling as a kind of dreaming, sort of day-dreaming in technicolor!
I am so intrigued by this, I want to work with it more.
and the page today seems so dream-like to me.
I am going to post it here before I add any words, sort of a pre-cognitive page.
After words, I think it will have different energy.
Anyway, let me know what you think about journaling being like dreaming . . . .
Seems like an amazing thing I have not noticed before today.

"The dream is often occupied with apparently very silly details, thus producing an impression of absurdity, or else it is on the surface so unintelligible as to leave us thoroughly bewildered. Hence we always have to overcome a certain resistance before we can seriously set about disentangling the intricate web through patient work. But when at last we penetrate to its real meaning, we find ourselves deep in the dreamer's secrets and discover with astonishment that an apparently quite senseless dream is in the highest degree significant, and that in reality it speaks only of important and serious matters. This discovery compels rather more respect for the so-called superstition that dreams have a meaning, to which the rationalistic temper of our age has hitherto given short shrift." --Carl Jung


  1. Very interesting idea. I think I think to much while journaling. I should just let loose- let the paint fly and try to allow what may lie in my subconscious out. Very inspiring, as usual, thank you!

  2. that's a very interesting way to think about our journals. I also consider my dreams as a way of working through a problem, that I don't want to deal with, or don't have the time to deal with, when awake.

    Found your blog through google alert - "art journaling". {:-D