Saturday, July 16, 2011


What inspires you?
I love the idea that honoring a God or Goddess brings inspiration, like the way Hindus have a family altar, a special place for the leaving offerings for the house God/Goddess.
Intention, focus, and thought energy given to something noble and good can only help us.
Religion is a funny thing, around the world it gives community and structure and cultural belonging. My family origins are from Jewish and Christian backgrounds, and we go to a Unitarian Church, yet I connect deeply to Pagan beliefs that nature has Spirit and can teach us things.
I often find my brain not really trusting organized religion, yet Spirituality is a powerful part of my life.
Mostly, I find inspiration where I find it.
Flowers in the garden.
Lakshmi and Her connection to prosperity, power, and blessing.
The mountains with a sprinkling of snow.
Saints who gave up their safe lives to explore mysticism.
Beautiful stone circles erected 3500 years ago, to honor who knows what!
Crystals, or gems, or feathers, or bones or even antique textiles, that seem to hold some mystery.
It's all sacred, and I am grateful for so many rich ways of knowing what is beyond knowing.

"The final mystery is oneself... Who can calculate the orbit of his own soul." --Oscar Wilde

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this particular post and this wonderful piece that you have created. Thanks, for visiting my blog :)