Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Even though the world makes you think money, fame, and praise are the signs of success, I and you know differently.
We know that showing up each day in the studio, picking up that pen or paper or cursor, making something expressive and wonderful despite a lack of the feedback, THAT is success.
We know that showing up for the Muse day after day, honoring the act of creating something personal, meaningful, rich with expression is worth more than most work acts of pushing paper, or selling this or that to earn some money.
It doesn't matter if you are the one everyone praises as a great artist and throws money your way.
It matters that you do this work.

"We should not feel obliged to constantly fill up all the air of our lives with the insane desire to achieve something. This just creates anxiety. It is the spaces in between our work and thoughts that can be the most creative." --Sharon Knettell

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