Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jeans Skirt Journal Video

3 minutes of pages of my Jeans Journal on YouTube
This is a short film of very bad quality, to show you some pages from the latest journal.
This is a totally messy journal, made from random scraps of ephemera and paper from the "trash" box. I sewed the signatures into an old jeans skirt. Sometimes I just need to push the boundaries. I showed this to a journaling class and they thought it was sort of a mess ...... but somehow I am happy with it. It expressed what I needed to express, and felt really good to work in. This is not a How-To video, I just flip through the pages to show you how it turned out.


  1. Hi, I think it's very cool. Were these random pages you had journaled on before stitching them to the jeans skirt? Or did you stitch papers in and then journal?

  2. hey Jan - I stitched together the papers in signatures of about 10 random sized sheets, then attached them to the skirt..... then I add collage and more papers and odds and ends with spray mount, and finally words, and stamps, and inks, etc.