Thursday, April 21, 2011

remembering Aix, both 27 years ago and last June

Good olive oil, tea infusions of French Vervain, fresh chives from the garden, and flowers on the table. I learned a lot about living well from my brief time living in Provence.

"Depending upon one's vocabulary, it is facile enough to speak of karma or atavism or even extrasensory memory. For me, there was no need to draw on this well of casual semantics, to recognize Aix from my own invisible map of it. I already knew where I was." --M.F.K. Fisher in "Map of Another Town"


  1. You are so right -- we can't reproduce this way of life here in the states, no matter how hard we try. We would need an awful lot more people like us to make it work, LOL!

  2. All I remember from my day in Aix (in 1999 or 2000) is that I fell in love with Callissons d'Aix...

    For some reason I felt like I wanted to cry when I saw your images from there...

    I just found your blog and I love it. I try to keep an art journal but it's hard to carry supplies & find suplies for sale on my budget in India/Nepal!