Tuesday, March 29, 2011

one way to figure it out a bit

Do you remember your dreams?
Do you try?
I heard the other day that if we listen and work on writing them down when we wake up, the messenger will know we are listening, and make sure to show up more and more.
and maybe make the message more clear.
Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung, two of my heroes, believed archetypal characters connected to the larger human truth come to us in dreams, with messages.
What are these folks telling you?
Are you listening?

"Divine chaos is a course corrector, a way of bringing down the systems that distraction built in order that they can be replaced with systems or structures designed with conscious thought." --Caroline Myss

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  1. I actually *squeed!* when I read the words "Joseph Campbell" and "Carl Jung"! Amazing writing--and your work is a brilliant accompaniment. :)

    Much Joy and Merry Making!