Thursday, March 3, 2011

making magic

Yesterday, while on the phone with my (brilliant) daughter, I picked up a green pen and some graph paper, and dooooodled.
You know you do it, too!
and then, I liked the little scrap so much, I thought it needed to be played around with more:

So I scanned it, repeated it, layered it, rotated and repeated it some more, and VOILA - a mandala-type graph/doodle collage, ready to be glued into my journal and played with more, OR used for a collage background.
Photoshop is nothing short of miraculous, and I think we forget how powerful the artistic tools we have are today. Loving playing around like this (and I do LOVE it) has made my art take a whole new direction.

DOODLES = ART, who woulda thunk?!

"Where there is great love, there are always great miracles." --Mother Teresa

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  1. For those of you lucky enough, smart enough, or led by Spirit to be reading this comment, here is a lovely example of magic at work:
    I received a box of books from my daughter (the brilliant one mentioned in the post) the other day - one was The Portable Jung, a wonderful book. Well, after writing out this blog entry on mandalas and miracles, I picked up that book, opened up to a random page, and, as you might just presume, it was all about mandalas.
    Jung believed mandalas originated in the dream state, that they were always there, unnoticed by us humans, until we needed them to make order of the world. He closed his lecture on mandalas by saying "the most natural and perfect work is to generate its like."
    So there you have magic, the book sent by my daughter, the page it opened up to, the doodle made while chatting with her turning into a mandala.
    There is so much mystery and beauty in life if we just but notice it.