Thursday, March 17, 2011

compassion + action

The notion that we dream our reality into being is really taking off in our culture now.
I know there are terrible events which are shaking us up, but those events are also pulling us together and making us know we are all part of the whole of life here.
Thinking about Japan and people suffering, thinking about brave individuals who right now are risking their personal safety to bring those broken nuclear reactors back to a safe place, thinking about all the homeless, stressed, struggling people, I know it can sound almost insensitive to say our thoughts create reality.
I try to be compassionate, but also aware of how to bring joy even into the worst of situations.
Some of us are called to be in the trenches of misery helping those others, and some of us spend our life force creating the beauty that sustains us all - there is room for many different reactions to pain and suffering.
Healing ourselves is the first step to healing the world.

"Here's what I say: In the New Earth we're creating, we will ridicule the cult of doom and gloom, embrace the cause of zoom and boom. We will laugh at the stupidity of evil and hate, we will summon the brilliance to praise and create."
-Rob Brezsny, "Pronoia"

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