Friday, February 11, 2011

in the flow . . . .

Yesterday I suddenly found myself with a totally empty calender, no errands needing doing, and no one needing a ride anywhere until 7 at night.
ahhhhh, BLISS.
I plunged into the "Journals Gone Wild" journal, and somehow awesome things just flowed all day.
Here are two pages from the day, and then I am going to show you what happens when a scanner and a computer loaded with photoshop are lurking dangerously close by in the studio:

So what I do next, is to scan these pages, and I examine them for interesting bits, maybe a part that has wonderful colors or shapes that attract me. I cut out that part and play with it in photoshop - running it through a filter or two, or upping the saturation and contrast. Then I copy it and flip it around making four squares of the same piece, thus making patterns out of the page. Then I use the quick mask tool to merge two such pages together, making a more interesting set of patterns. These new collages then can be used again in the journal as background pages, or as part of new collages.
Photoshop is so awesome . . .
Here are two of the results - bet you can tell which pages they came from:

"Tools and techniques ought to be an extension of consciousness, but they can just as easily be a protection from consciousness. Then the tools become defence mechanisms... against the unconscious." --Rollo May

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