Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011!

My son says he goes on Facebook once a month, and that seems like the right amount of time to be there to me.
This spanking brand new year, I am vowing to do more Mail Art, more Artist Trading Cards, and of course, lots more journaling.
There are too many ways to waste time (internet and non-internet) that don't involve making something wonderful, even if that wonderful thing lasts only for a magnificent burst of inspiration.
So that's how I want to spend my one brief life here, making wonderfulness!
Wonderfulness that I can share freely, without worrying about the marketplace.
I am renewing my Goddess Mail Art call, and some of the images here will show what turns up in my mailbox, and my journal pages, too, will be probably secretly (and not so secretly) be infiltrated with collage material from other artists - which is really just collaboration, after all!
Hooray for new beginnings, renewed focus, more art made and shared and sent into the world!

"They just wanted them as objects. 'Aren't these nice! Put them in a museum with nice lighting.' Not the idea ... I wanted to paste things on railroad cars. Nothing to be seen by anyone except coyotes. But when the Pop Art gravy train appeared instead, I consciously burned everything in Cy Twombly's fireplace. Those were early nothings ... Destroying them was the logical thing to do as a statement".
--Ray Johnson about his mail art work

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  1. A lovely Johnson quote Emily. So glad to hear that you've started 2011 with a renewed mailart enthusiasm and hope to see the fruits of your labour on mailart 365 soon. It's a great little community you've joined, and we're glad to have you on board