Monday, January 31, 2011

fifty thousand?

Hard to imagine, but this week my blog will probably reach the 50,000 hit mark.
and this year, I will reach the milestone half century mark in years.
It has been a tremendous year of change for me, moving across the country, redefining my work and what I want to do with this one short life.
Thanks to Spirit and a very supportive husband, I have had time for rest, research, and recharging the batteries, and now I am starting to formulate a plan.
Coming up with a mission statement has been key for me to know I am really doing authentic work for my truest self.
(That's sounds a bit Oprah-ish, doesn't it?)
My work right now is very hard to define, and doesn't fit into normal boundaries.
My work is this: to connect with Spirit, and share that connection through art, and Shamanism.
A big chunk of this, as you dear readers know all too well, is Creative Journaling -- the practice of making messy, extravagantly expressive books and filling them with this and that, color and image, ephemera, collage and words.
Other ways I communicate this connection is by making and sending mail art, making and sending Artist Trading Cards, sharing here, and doing lots of Shamanism with colleagues and with the occasional client.
I have two new job opportunities I am pondering, waiting on Spirit to show me the way.
Also, there are so many amazing art groups here in Colorado, it is hard to pick which ones help me with my truest path, so I am in the research phase of all this as well.
To sum it all up:
50,000 hits this week means you are out there - thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming here and noticing what I do.
(and if you ever want me to send you some mail art, or artist trading cards, shoot me your mailing address and they will be on their way.)
By the time I turn 50 in July, I know I will be firmly planted on this new and exciting path.
It's been a long road to figure all this out, and without my journal practice I don't think it would have happened - so if you are wondering where to go in life?
Grab your journal, some collage bits and pieces, maybe a shoebox of lovely paper scraps, add some juicy markers, and an inkstamp or two.
Put on some music you love.
take a deep breath,
and PLAY!

"We don't have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world." --Howard Zinn

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