Thursday, December 16, 2010

the vision

Inspiration sometimes just piles up in a backlog of ideas in my brain, and instead of working at expressing it, I seem to sit in front of this computer and waste time on this and that on the internet.
I know I have deep truths buried in me, but the trick is to express them clearly in images. How to get the whole of the world in one small cut up collage?
I sometimes come across an image that takes my breath away in it's complicated beauty combined with simplicity; and sometimes I come across a phrase in a book that captures it all. . . . my mind wants to hold all the meaning in one shot, so I do try to get this in my work - perhaps I am reaching too high -- to make something so clear as to hold all the meaning in the world?
That is the seed that I am after in my work right now.
We'll see if it can happen; why not try?

"The world of learning is so broad, and the human soul so limited in power! We reach forth and strain every nerve, but we seize only a bit of the curtain that hides the infinite from us."
--Maria Mitchell

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