Monday, December 13, 2010

and finally a new journal page . . . .

I am being easy on myself these days, still working on getting the house all sorted out, enjoying some cooking and knitting for the holidays.
My journals are patiently waiting on the table, in a messy little stack, until I "feel it" again.
Sometimes I just fiddle with pens and paper, organizing and sorting, and not requiring myself to push forward yet.
Today I did manage to add some squiggly lines and a quote from the Tempest to this page I had started a few weeks ago.
I am settling into this time of fallow fields, and honoring the space that I am making for something new and big to start in Spring.
Sometimes I feel panicked nothing will happen.
But I have been at this long enough to know to stop, breathe deeply, maybe get up and stretch, and pick up a book if I need to.
Creativity does wax and wane, and that's fine.

"All things in common nature should produce
Without sweat or endeavour."
--William Shakespeare, The Tempest

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  1. Id never thought of it like that and that tree is talking to me.. alot