Thursday, September 16, 2010

a pattern language

A book by that name was written by Christopher Alexander about architecture in the 70's -- before any of us had the idea that the internet would be this community of connection for the whole world.
Patterns really do create a sort of language - and we create patterns in our days that make our lives become what we want them to be.
In fact, creating the patterns is the beginning, designing with intention is the result.
I use my journal a lot to help me figure this out, being a visual thinker.
and besides, playing with patterns is just fun and satisfying.
There is such beauty in pattern; find them, and make them part of your art and part of your day; creating patterns in your journal, and thus in your life, you will add intention to the world.

"I once saw a simple fish pond in a Japanese village which was perhaps eternal. A farmer made it for his farm. The pond was a simple rectangle, about 6 feet wide, and 8 feet long; opening off a little irrigation stream. At one end, a bush of flowers hung over the water. At the other end, under the water, was a circle of wood, its top perhaps 12 inches below the surface of the water. In the pond there were eight great ancient carp, each maybe 18 inches long, orange, gold, purple, and black: the oldest one had been there eighty years. The eight fish swam, slowly, slowly, in circles—often within the wooden circle. The whole world was in that pond. Every day the farmer sat by it for a few minutes. I was there only one day and I sat by it all afternoon. Even now, I cannot think about it without tears." -- Christopher Alexander

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