Thursday, August 26, 2010

today's inspiration:

These pages started when I threw some feathers and a deer jawbone on the scanner.
added some stamps from a peice of mail from India.
then just a bit of ink, and Voila:

"Nature is what we know / Yet have not art to say / So impotent our wisdom is / To her simplicity." --Emily Dickinson


  1. Emily - I found your blog through Milliande's site. I love your journal pages and the quotes. Your 'story' is an inspiration to me as I am trying to reinvent my life as well. I divorced eight years ago and my children are almost grown, so now seems a good time to create a new life for myself. Thanks for providing such beautiful images and sharing your story of optimism and creativity.

  2. Wow, this is full of depth! Love the layers. So mostly digital?

  3. Autumn - yup, just added the piece of mail art and some ink after.
    I tend to start with digital collage papers.