Monday, July 5, 2010

The Voice of the Stones

I am very drawn to stone circles. I was thrilled to find out my brother's house in Cumbria is only ten minutes from the Ennerdale Bridge Stone circle called Blakley Raise, so we visited when there. The cab driver I called to take us there had many stories of the circle, including that his grandfather said if you run around it three times saying your wish, it would come true.
While there, a bunch of local horses were herded across the plain, and we got to watch their beautiful procession across the mooreland, and we hiked through the peat bog above to get a view, soaking our feet.
I am building theories about these circles, and that cab driver's story of local ritual supports the idea that the stones were put on power spots, not that the ancients themselves thought they were making power by adding the stones to the site.
I also was lucky to have a lovely short lecture by a passing bike rider who knew his art history, and made clear for me the difference between a henge (a rock monument surrounded by a ditch) and a stone circle like Blakely Raise, (no ditch.)
I did a shamanic journey to the spirit of the stones, and received very important information and encouragement for my path.
AND lo and behold, I now have a scholarship to attend Spiralheart camp again this year, and to be in the one of the only stone circles currently on our North American continent - last year it was half complete so I am so happy to spend time there again and see how far along the circle has come.
I thank the Stones, both in the UK and here in the US for all I received - and I think they will be a part of my work for some time.

"Stonehenge, where the demons dwell, Where the banshees live, and they do live well, Stonehenge." --Spinal Tap


  1. If you really like stone circles you will love the outlander series by diana gabaldon... there are 7 books in the series right now and I have a feeling she is going to be adding at least one more.

  2. Wonderland -- don't you know I am in the middle of Outlander right now! I love this book, and read it many years ago but am re-reading after my own stone circle experience. How many of the 7 have you read?