Sunday, July 11, 2010

hat shopping in Edinburgh

So here is another little photo essay documenting our adventures. We took a hop on, hop off bus tour of Edinburgh and it was lovely - so much stone in that town, castles and museums and pubs and inns all built 300-500 years ago, something I love about the UK.
We went to a hat shop and I think I tried on every style of hat in the place, but couldn't find one that worked with my face. My daughter looked great in them all, but alas, no hat was purchased, so all I have is these photos to remember the day.
The wonderful hats made me want to become a milliner - feathers and beads and leather and felting, I could enjoy that so much.
I seem to need to make things, some ancient urge to decorate the self with beautiful things.
Maybe it will be a hat shop one day. or a bag shop.
I am learning to shut out the naysaying critic in me that says all of that will fail. If I believe deeply, it can't fail.
Following one's bliss can never be a blind trail, can it?
So how about you look for my handmade elaborately decorated outrageous bags or hats one day on that little side bar over there, I am starting to envision this more clearly, and think it will happen within the year . . . .

“I believe that the trade of critic, in literature, music, and the drama, is the most degraded of all trades, and that it has no real value. However, let it go, it is the will of God that we must have critics, and missionaries, and Congressmen, and humorists, and we must bear the burden.” --Mark Twain


  1. I love hats and when I was younger I had a large collection of them. Too bad we don't wear hat much here in the States. I remember having a small fur hat that I glued little feathers and jewelry on to make it pretty. Oh those were the days...

  2. Thanks you so much for sharing your travels