Wednesday, June 9, 2010

day two - Aix en Provence

Yesterday was not the easiest day - my daughter got quite sick -- she has Celiac disease, like me, and it is so easy to eat one bit of the wrong thing. Our condition requires constant bathroom use, so sadly we had to skip our couchsurf stay - the family was so kind (if you are reading this Jean et Laurence, merci beaucoups!) but I needed to let her be comfortable, so we are staying in the hotel instead.
We did manage a lovely walk - the fountains, the amazing ancient doors and buildings, all so charming just as I remember them.
We listened to this African guitar player in the Hotel de Ville plaza, and enjoyed a very leisurely cafe.
We also visited a little tea shop in the basement of a fantasy bookstore, and enjoyed the very funny menu items, all hobbits and elves and unicorns - photos to follow:

"Beauty is truth; truth beauty." --John Keats

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