Monday, June 14, 2010

Arles, Avignon, Gordes, et les Malahieudes

Twenty eight years ago I lived with a French family for a semester of school. We managed to track them down, and they insisted we come visit them for a few days - here I am with Mr. et Mme. Malahieude in 1982, and again now in 2010 - amazing how they did not change one wink, I wish I could say the same for me, I look a bit exhausted from having to speak in French for two whole days:

and that amazing photo at the top is the town of Gordes - they drove us all around Provence for two days. We went to Avignon and danced on the bridge (sur le pont, D'Avingnon . . . ) we saw the Palace of the Pope, we went to Arles and saw gladiators in the arena, the Roman theater, and Van Gogh's institute. We went to Gordes and saw the Bollies, neolithic stone huts dating from 2000 B.C. that I had not learned about in architecture history. They thought I would enjoy that and I really did!
and the lavender was just about to bloom.
Stunning sights and beautiful scenery. Monsieur Malahieude also cooked some beautiful meals for us, each lunch and dinner was a feast. When we first arrived, they uncorked a bottle of very good champagne. How is it the French know so well how to live with pleasure?
I loved my time getting to know them again, even with spotty French, they were wonderful.

"It is not the language of painters but the language of nature which one should listen to, the feeling for the things themselves, for reality, is more important than the feeling for pictures." --Vincent Van Gogh in Arles


  1. You have great hair!! You haven't changed much at all since you first visited there.

    One of these days I will be able to visit France. It looks like a wonderful place.

  2. I get that feeling reading this blog. Thank you

  3. oh my goodness those two trees are awesome!