Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shiva dancing the Tandava

In the Hindu religion, when Shiva achieves Maya, enlightmentment, he dances the Tandava.
People in India do a dance called the tandava, described as brisk movements and a pictorial allegory to the five manifestations of energy.
Energy is what I have been needing lately, and these red pages, along with inspiration to get up and move are just the ticket.
Once again, my very wise journal has helped me understand what it is that I need now, what it is I should be focusing on.
So often, my stuck brain just mulls over and over things getting no where. When I let my intuition/rightbrain/subconscious play around and explore in the journal, answers just seem to emerge.
The information I need comes to me.
Cool, huh?

"It whirls, it whirls." --Alexander Calder

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