Thursday, May 27, 2010

the Colorado Mountain Art Gallery in Georgetown

So here is the adorable town of Georgetown, Colorado, a mining town from the gold rush of the 1860's. At one time, millions of dollars worth of gold and silver were taken from these mountains, we actually got to walk into an old vault in one of the stores yesterday.

The town itself is full of cute shops, galleries, and historic buildings, the main street even has an ice cream parlor, and my favorite name for a restaurant: The Happy Cooker.

There is a narrow gauge train which takes you to a mine deep in the mountains - I was lucky to catch it just as it crossed the bridge.

Across the street from the gallery is this lovely old hotel building, now a museum.

Here is our gallery. Right next door (we share the courtyard) is a cute little restaurant, with free wifi, so I know where I will be hanging out!

and the temporary sign:

My hanging team:

and my portion of wall, for now I have 8 pieces here, and one on the group wall in the front, but as they sell I will replace with new work. There are 50 artists sharing the space, so many many things to look at, including wearables like jewelry and bags. I am so excited to be along for the ride!

and one of the pieces up close, this is my mixed media technique of starting with photographs, photoshopping them into many layers, then printing on rice paper. I add them to the canvas, and add more papers and paint:


  1. Congratulations on this great new adventure in the Rockies,Em. What a perfect place for you to exhibit your paintings! This is a spectacular setting for you to share your work which is so original and creative! I hope the gallery has many visitors on this opening weekend and that they appreciate your beautiful work.

  2. These just look amazing, Em!!!