Wednesday, May 26, 2010

is it really already Wednesday?

I have been busy getting a pile of work done for today, a big day for me, and tomorrow, another big day.
A big day in the life of my art - a new co-operative gallery space to hang my collage paintings on in Georgetown, Colorado, today, and for tomorrow -- the main sanctuary of our Unitarian Church in Golden, Colorado, which will be showing my work for the summer.
All in all, I have 12 pieces for the gallery and 22 for the sanctuary.
and I still have a few drying downstairs in my studio, hopefully all will be ready by Thursday to actually go on the wall.
I wonder if anyone actually hangs things wet!
I still am varnishing and wiring, getting price lists together, wondering what to do with all the postcards I printed . . . .
and last night at my clay class, Marie Gibbons, amazing and accomplished artist, said some things that I know are so true - that to be an artist means a shitload of work, 18 hour days, busting your butt in the hopes you must might be able to pay the bills. If you want an 8 hour day and time to watch tv, you better just get a job at Target. She is so inspiring. (so is her work - check it out!)
I need to expand my work ethic a bit, and Marie is really a great inspiration to me.
Doing this as my job means wearing all the hats - artist, teacher, graphic designer, promoter, gallery schmoooozer, etc. etc. etc.
I am sort of a shy person, and the being out in the world with my art is very hard for me.
I also am teaching more, and that takes proposals, lesson plans, pushing to get the gigs which are never full time in the workshop teaching world.
But I am at the point where I know that if I don't do it, no one will.
So I will take some photos of the gallery and share tomorrow, and here is a journal page, no words yet, just the fullness of possibility, the hope of new beginnings:

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