Monday, May 17, 2010

finding beauty

I love paper.
Rice paper, art paper, origami paper, magazine photo paper, and I love ephemera like old photographs and stamps.
I love mixing up these colors and textures in collage.
I guess since I have been doing this for about ten years, you can say I am pretty passionate about it.
Sometimes it makes no sense, what I do.
But I seem to keep at it.
It certainly is not a "normal" job.
Last night we saw an amazing movie, "Exit Through the Gift Shop."
See it if you can.
It is a documentary that started to be about street art and artists, but ended up being about the French filmmaker filming the movie. Not only is the story gripping, but the images and the artists are inspiring and their work imprinted on my visual memory in a powerful way.
But the real story is about passion.
and perhaps a bit about insanity.
It is astounding to see what pure undivided passion does for art -- what having this kind of passion both makes an artist do, and what happens with art made out of passion.
The movie also shows how perfectly ludicrous the art market is.
and in a weird way, it made me understand more why I do what I do -- I love making these collages in my journal, I love the writing that the images pulls out of me. I love sharing this with the world.
So there you have it, passion.
What is yours?

"Her secret? It is every artist's secret... passion. That is all. It is an open secret, and perfectly safe. Like heroism, it is inimitable in cheap materials." --Willa Cather

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