Saturday, May 1, 2010

find any miracles today?

This is a great idea:
Get stuff free, give stuff free, on an interactive map. Don't you love the internet?

I feel like more and more synchronicities are popping into my life, thanks to things like the internet and just being open.
If you look for beauty and connection, it seems to fall right in your lap.
An amazing example from this week:
I was feeling frustrated with my work, sitting alone in a studio in the basement can get you feeling quite isolated. I imagined what it would be like to run a co-operative gallery - buying a building and renovating it, setting up a paper/book art studio, a ceramics room, a dance studio with huge mirrors and hard wood floor, a gallery/coffee shop. I fantasized the whole thing in very complete detail, wondering about business plans, financing, etc. I dedicated a few hours to thinking how this could work, doodling plans, etc. I told the Universe I needed something like this . . .
But when I ran this idea by the mud club ladies (4 very experienced art makers) the overwhelming response was that co-operative galleries are a huge job, which makes you an administrator rather than an art maker, and this was from women who knew, women who had done work like this.
They are right, so I sort of sadly let go of this dream.
THEN -- within 24 hours, I got two e-mails in my in-box asking me to come look at local co-operative galleries that are looking for new artists.
and those aren't the kind of e-mails I get every day.
So this weekend I will go check out these galleries.
I am not sure either will be the right choice for me right now, but just to have gotten both invitations within a day of my putting out the clear intention that I wanted to be involved in a gallery was quite amazing.
Our intentions really do affect the matrix of the world. Spirit hears us.
I have so many incidents that prove this beyond any doubt.
Another funny miracle of coincidence happened this week, but I will save that for another post.
and my journal page - a homage to a teacup whose patterns I just want to jump into a live in. I want to paint a whole room in this pattern -- maybe I will:

"We are the miracle of force and matter making itself over into imagination and will. Incredible." --Ray Bradbury

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