Saturday, May 22, 2010

"bright and shining one"

"Stroppy" (as in the New Zealand expression "stroppy sheila") is an adjective I love, deriving from the word obstreperous, or boisterous and untamable.
To be stroppy is to follow your bliss and your heart (and art) without looking back, loudly and with no explanations or apologies.
and why not?
Let's just claim our fullness as women, artists, creators, divas, goddesses, makers of the world. (and yes, men can be divas, too!)
Let's be the bright and shining ones.
Let's be stroppy.
and in my own stroppiness, I have to hang two art shows this week, then I am off on some summer adventures to refill my own coffers and recharge my batteries; please know I will be back soon, with lots of new pages and ideas to share.
Be Well!

"diva, from Italian diva, goddess, lady-love, 'fine-lady,' Latin: Diva, goddess, female divinity, fem. of divus, divine, god, diety.
deva, from Sanskrit deva, a god, a bright or shining one."
-Oxford English Dictionary


  1. I enjoy visiting your blog. I too am off soon for a summer of refueling. Enjoy.