Monday, April 19, 2010

a little humour goes a long long way.

This morning I put on a shirt with very large pink flowers, knowing I might need it today.
Money issues, a daughter who refuses to go to high school, unpacking from a glorious but exhausting camping trip over the weekend, and other various stresses work for my attention . . . .
I am reading a wonderful little book called "Paris Out of Hand" by Karen Elizabeth Gordon. It is a fictional guidebook to Paris, with odds and ends, amusing quotes, and collages by Nick Bantock. One of my favorite passages involves a lost and found entry wherein the guide loses her tour group of 16 people somewhere in the creme brule shop on Rue Mouffetard.
Somewhere between desire and satisfaction lies all our creative energy. Wanting is sometimes enough to spur us into action. Exploring these wants is something my journal helps me with.
I am learning that if the thought of dying the hair blue intrigues me, taking a photo and coloring the hair blue in the photo might just enough to get by -- because poking fun at life is one good way to make the ride interesting.
and laughing out loud is key - when was the last time you laughed out loud?

"The chintz curtains look like a nightmare my great aunt Foxy Belle Bloom might have had when her sloe gin ran out . . . ."
--fictional entry from the guest registry at the Hotel Crillon, (where I have had tea and the waiter was as snooty as a human could possibly be.)

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