Thursday, April 29, 2010

the inner world.

The unconscious.
How do you get there?
How do you listen to the wisdom of our inner connection that helps us find our authentic truest way of being?
Dreams can certainly talk to us and send us messages.
but also our journals, if we let go of the plan to make perfection, and allow messy left brain play to be how we work and create our pages.
Our culture does not encourage exploration, experimentation, mystery.
Just look at schools, and how kids are taught - it's all grades and testing, regurgitation of lists of facts to compete for the highest spot.
Competition, not cooperation.
Let's turn away from that whole way of thinking - let's make fun and play and messes in our journals and in working this way, find our own inner voice.
Let's enjoy the ride, and not just look always toward the destination.
Playing around this way, you might just find some truth.
One of my own challenges is that when I post a "pretty" page I get tons more comments, and when I post a messy inner-workings sort of page, not so many nice words.
oh well.
Praise is not the point, ya know?

"I did not realize that America with it's pragmatic culture had no access to this inner world; it was blocked both by Puritanism and Materialism." --Anais Nin

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