Monday, April 5, 2010

Get thee to the studio!

You are looking at my blog, and I am honored.
but I have noticed that I can spend way too much time looking at this little screen and not enough time at my studio desk making messes in my journal, making creative playthings that move my own gifts back into the world.
I love doing this blog, and it is the way I send my journaling work into the world, the way I give back, the way I know I am serving something other than myself.
But today - think about how much time you spend on line, vs. how much time you spend creating.
That can be sobering, huh?
I view my journaling work as my sacred practice, and it is important to know that we vote with our attention - when we spend hours and hours looking at stuff and not doing stuff, we limit our own contribution.
Go make some pages today.
and so will I!

"Most people don't recognize opportunity knocking because it's dressed in overalls, and looks like work." --Thomas Edison


  1. Em, I'm amazed at how you can keep maintaining quality new posts - AND creative new journal pages almost EVERY day!! You're certainly setting the benchmark!

  2. Great work! Inspiring words...I'm off to the studio!