Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Magic in your journal

I know we all have learned about affirmation - that when we say something out loud, it is more likely to occur. But I have been learning even more about the power of this - that the word "abracadabra" actually comes from an ancient Semitic language meaning "I will create as I speak".
Speaking, or affirming, something helps it come into being.
So our journals can speak for us in this way - playing with colors and images then adding words allows us to affirm our deepest desires, fantasies, wishes, dreams, and hopes.
and even better, because we are working with the creative, intuitive, right side of our brains, these affirmations can be closer to our true inner selves than the chattering, worrying, rational verbal side of our brain, which doesn't always choose the most sacred path for our desires.
Try using your journal for some affirming, let it work some magic for you. See what happens!

"The magus (artist) knows that anything set into motion - a work, an idea, a thought, a ritual, sends resonate waves throughout the whole system, changing everything." -- Jean Houston

["The Magus (kunstenaar) weet dat er iets in gang gezet - een werk, een idee, een gedachte, een ritueel, stuurt resoneren golven het hele systeem, verandert alles."]

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