Friday, March 12, 2010

Live in harmony.

If it resonates with your soul, then go toward it.
It it fills you with joy, jump into it.
If it makes you smile when you think of it, then do it.
If it makes you want to stand on a soapbox and tell the world, it must be the right thing.
Are we here to suffer?
Not by choice! There is enough suffering to go around, let's start making our life work the relieving of suffering.
Let's start figuring out what we were put on the Earth to do.
Do you have no clue?
Here's my secret - a journal can help you figure it out.
Tear out some images, throw some papers into a shopping bag and rifle through them to pull out some ones you find lovely, find some words that move you.
Color some pages and play with these images and papers and words.
Add some doodles and spirals.
Be with the collage, and see what it tells you.
You might be surprised.

"Leap, and the net will appear." --John Burroughs

["Sprong, en het net zal verschijnen."]

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