Sunday, March 7, 2010

Journaling as a spiritual practice.

I practice something called Shamanism - in Shamanism, we use repetitive drumming to enter an altered state of consciousness, which then allows a connection to Spirit. The more one does this, the clearer the information gets, the stronger the relationship is to Spirit, the more precise the wisdom that is given.
and I am coming to learn that creative journaling is really the same thing.
That as we let go of our left brain verbal chatter, as we connect to the right brain intuitive expanse, we connect with this larger thing.
In an amazing Ted talk, Jill Taylor Bolte talks about a stroke temporarily killing her left brain, and the right brain reality of total immersion in the flow, with no judgements or critic or rational control.
It is terrifying to have it happen that way (and she since totally recovered enough to write a beautiful book about it.)
But in our journals we can learn to get there - we can let go of the critic, the judge, the naysayer, who harps on how wrong it is, or how bad it looks, or how careful we need to be to color only in the lines.
In our journals we can let shape and color and image and beauty flow in a way that pleases us just because it pleases us, not because it accomplishes any goal.
and this is a Spiritual practice!
Let your journal take you to this magic place of your very own.
It's wonderful.

"Art attracts us only by what it reveals of our most secret self." --Jean-Luc Goddard

["Arte nos atrai apenas pelo que ela revela de nosso eu mais secreto."]


  1. Wow, Im going to TED now. Thanks for the info.



  2. I hadn't thought of art journaling as being a spiritual practice, but your words make a lot of sense ... with this insight, there is a stronger conviction to express my "spiritual" self.

  3. It does make sense. Creating art as meditation. I find carving takes me to that place.