Thursday, March 25, 2010

get outside. . . .

I was on a Shamanism workshop weekend a few days ago, and of course there were many things that sunk in deeply with new awareness and wisdom.
But this important one I need to share with you now -- when people are asked where they have felt connection to the Divine, where they felt they had some meaningful life experience that changed their understanding of themselves and their connection to the world, most, if not ALL people say that being in nature they had a feeling of deep connection and revelation.
We deeply know this, as we snap photos of beautiful landscapes, look at pictures of oceans and mountains as our "screensavers" and always feel more peaceful when we look at images of Nature.
So why don't we go outside more?
Part of my deep thrill living here in Colorado is the outdoors is so close! Even with a foot of snow yesterday, the sun was shining and the weather was beautiful and we could go out and enjoy it.
One reason having a dog is so healing is we have to WALK them every day outside.
Get Outside.
I will say it again.
Get Outside.
Working in my journal does involve a desk, supplies, papers and glues and markers and inks - indoorsey things.
But one of the best things to do is start playing with some images, then take the journal OUTSIDE on a date to Nature, to add some words and doodles.
And if you can't bring it along, at least get yourself outside, then work on your journal when you come back in.
I love that from all over the globe, we can find each other here on our magic computers, but we tend to spend way too much time looking at these little screens and not nearly enough time in direct revelation with Mother Earth.
She is healing and loves us. She can work in our hearts just like our journals do . . . .
Let Nature's healing power work on you, then put it in your journal!

"And always the faint weedy smell of the river, and the air so soft and warm against the face that one was hardly aware any longer of the frontiers between self and not-self, but lay there, separated by no dividing surfaces, melting, drowsily melting into the circumambient air."
--Aldous Huxley Eyeless in Gaza

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  1. I've read elsewhere the process of creating your journal images in your own art space and then writing the words at various places like cafes and book stores. For me, this wouldn't work - but just taking my journal OUTSIDE to write is a great idea!
    You've captured the ethereal essence of the dragonfly in this peaceful visual depiction...